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Thailand round 2 - Koh Phangan


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Its been ages since we've done a blog and we are really sorry about that! ( mums and dads ) We have just had the most relaxing 3 weeks in paradise. This blog wont be very long because to be perfectly honest all we did everyday was get up, swing on a hammock, go for a swim, sleep on the beach,eat some food, drink some drinks and good to bed. That was our 3 weeks. But in between all of the above we have found somewhere that we have decided we want to bring all of you back to to see. ( once we've picked our bank balance up a bit of course!)


We arrived back in thailand after an incredible month in Cambodia. It was such a good feeling stepping onto the streets of Bangkok. 3rd time round, it kind of felt as near to "home" as we'd been in a while. We stayed in Bangkok for 3 days, in the same guesthouse ( Shanti lodge) as we had the 2 previous times. This short stint was enough time for us to get some washing done, hit the Koh san road to pick up a few last minute souvenirs and for us to go and buy a replacement camera .... I accidently left our digital on a mini bus in Cambodia.. obviously not realising until we unpacked our bags in Bangkok... bad times but thank god for mike being so into his technology as all of our photos were backed up in 3 different areas ( no photos were lost!) and thats all we really cared about. Anyway so bangkok was good fun as usual, we booked our train/ boat ticket to the island ( koh phangan) and set off on the very familiar journey south. 3rd time round and the sleeper train grows on you. Before the train left we got our takeaway fried rice in a box, stacked up on water and drinks, got the cards out and settled in. It wasn't a quick journey... 18 hours to be precise but thats what you do when you cant afford to fly! to be honest it really isn't that bad, its actually pretty nice to wake up to the most amazing sunrise knowing your not going to have to step onto another train for a good few weeks!


We arrived in Koh Phangan at around 12pm, jumped in a tuk tuk and headed back to Haad salad, north west of the island. Like we've said in our first blog the island is just gorgeous. Its completely green and full of lush rain forest, all sorts of tropical animals running around, elephants on the side of the street. It sounds a bit cliche but we felt such a massive relief to be back where we started our trip. Haad salad is a small stretch of beach in a cove thats surrounded by palm trees. There are a few other beaches surrounding it but they are a good car ride away. So, we spent the first night in a bungalow at the very end of the beach, it wasn't exactly where we wanted to be but everywhere else was full so we had no choice. Anyway the next day we checked out, kicked our flip flops off and walked a bit further up the beach to find Coral Beach Bungalows.... Thats where we stayed for the rest of our time on the island. For all of you guys who saw it on skype i just wish you could see it in real life, its is so perfect. The bungalow was the cleanest we'd had, gorgeous smelling sheets and towels!! ( its the simple things in life that make you happy after 3 1/2 months away from home ) as sad as that will sound to probably all of you lol. Everything about this place was fantastic, we got into a routine finally, we unpacked our bags .. finally! and we managed to settle in perfectly. ..... We had big plans in those 3 weeks to travel around the island, see a few waterfalls, go on a few boat trips.. but none of that happened and for the first time it wasn't because we couldn't afford it!!! We really cant say too much else about it really, we've uploaded our piccys and the only thing left to do now is tell you all to go and stay there and see it for yourselves!!


As you can probably tell we didn't want to leave. But once again our visas didn't have much time left and our flight to Perth was booked. We set off , waved goodbye to our beach at 5:30am and headed to the pier where we got on a 2 hour boat ride to Donsak, passing by and dropping off people at the neighboring island Koh Samui. What we knew of this trip before we left was that we would leave the pier at 6:30am and we would arrive in Phuket at 2:30pm the same day. Simple?. Well no, nothing, absolutely nothing is every that simple in Thailand. So we left at 6:30am which was great, the boat ride was 2 ours which was great.... then came the first bus ride.... no aircon... 37 degrees and jam packed ( over the limit of how many people a bus should carry) with tourists. That journey lasted about half an hour, then came bus number 2.... EVERYONE GET OFFFF THE BUUUUUSSSSS... ok, so we got off the bus and stood in the road for a bit whilst the driver told us that as we were going to phuket we had to get on another bus that was "coming in a minute" apparently.. so we waited and waited and waited... the mini van pulled up, we jumped in and thought great here we go this is it, we got comfy put our music on and hoped to get a good few hours sleep before we arrived. BUT NO... 1 hour later GET OFF THE BUS... we got dropped off at a small little road side cafe where we then had to wait 3 hours for the next bus to come and take us to Phuket .. anyway to cut the story short 2 buses after that and another 8 hours later we arrived in Phuket. Exactly 10pm. Never ask anyone in thailand how long a journey is going to take, it really isn't worth the pain! that is what we learnt that day!


Phuket was alright. We were only there for 12 hours before our flight to Singapore. We stayed in an ok guest house slept like logs and headed for the airport the next day. Our flight was good, really quick! Obviously when we arrived in singapore we knew we were going to be sleeping in the airport as we couldn't afford the luxury hotel that was gleaming at us with its bright lights from the arrivals terminal, plus our flight was the next day so we didn't think it was going to be a big deal just for one night. Oh how wrong we were ( again) i wont go into too much detail but neither of us where in the best of moods, tired doesn't even begin to explain how we were feeling... I started going hysterical,as some of you might know that tends to happen to me sometimes and I start to laugh at anything and everything.. then it terns into crying for no reason! which mike soon worked out! anyway it was pretty rubbish for 24 hours but we boarded our flight to perth and finally got some shut eye.


Arrived in Perth at 1am... customs was probably the quickest we've ever had and we were out of the airport by 1:30am. My grandads cousin was waiting for us with a big sign with our names on it. We were sooo glad to see him! And that brings us to now! We are in Perth in a town called Dianella, spent the last few days being shown around the city, handing out c.vs, setting up bank accounts and joining the gym! we're really happy to be here, after such an amazing start to our trip we;re now ready for the second leg to begin!!!

we'll try our best to keep updating our blog.. sorry if it takes a while

loads of love

Char and Mike xxxxxx

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